Black Mosquito Screen Curtain Mesh (100 x 210 cm)

Original price was: ₹5,899.00.Current price is: ₹1,099.00.

Type: Net

Dispatch: 2-3 Days



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Mosquito Screen Curte-Aain Mesh with Prttached 34 Magnets, Auto-Closing Screen Door to Keep Mosquitoes Out (100 x 210 cm, Black)

Type: Net

Dispatch: 2-3 Days

Advantages of our Magnetic Mosquito Mesh Screen Curtains for Door

It keeps Mosquitoes and bugs out without resisting the airflow.

Open easily and then close by itself behind you even if your hands are full.

The magnets snap together without a gap so mosquitoes, flies, bugs & insects have little chance to enter.

Perfect for main doors, kitchen doors, bedroom doors, balcony doors, etc.,

It is easy to install the screen door without any tools, and the wind or breeze doesn’t blow it apart.

With summer around, get a  breeze through your living room and kitchen without pesky mosquitoes.


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