Trendwati is an online e-commerce store to “Explore authentic traditional Indian Ethnic wear”, which includes Handcrafted, Classic, Ethnical, Organic and Genuine creations from India.

India is a captivating mixture of variety echoed in our Apparel, Food, Lifestyle, Speech, and Melody, to name a few. This variety is so affluent and mixed that an endeavour to grasp it on the alone medium was never attempted. Trendwati is that earnest endeavour by many youthful artisans and people who believe this is currently achievable with the world wide web. applies an online e-commerce model to grasp the provincial divergences of India. We join regional craftspeople innovators instantly to international consumers and thereby improve their livelihood, remove mediators, support them in the making/boosting their label and thereby maintain our civilisation, customs and importance. We consider this expedition will not solely assist the craftspeople of India but even enable clients to locate and purchase creations that they otherwise are not capable of doing.

As they say, starting Trendwati was destiny. Advancing out to craftspeople was an intention while dropping in adoration with the vision that India was outside our power. Let us bring back that ancient India concurrently likewise.

Consumer satisfaction is our slogan. Please correspond to us instantly if there are any feedback, questions, concerns or suggestions.

Yours Truly,

Trendwati Family