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Among Marathi sarees, the Bridal Paithani silk saree is very well known. It got its name after Paithan, a town in Maharashtra. Paithan, historically known as Pratiṣṭhana, is famous for silk handloom sarees. Paithani sarees are not alone popular in Maharashtra but all over the planet. This saree owns an outstanding heritage.


Bridal Paithani saree originated around the 2nd century A.D under the Satvahana dynasty. This paithani silk saree keeps flourishing since the era of the Mughals. To increase the popularity of the Paithani saree, Aurangzeb put many restrictions on the jamdani weavers resulting in the introduction of various novelties of the appearance of this elegant saree.

The Peshwas further boosted the production of Bridal Paithani Sarees through their unique ways to assist their weavers. With time, the weavers of the Paithani sarees grew in Yeola with the help of the Peshwas. 

Moreover, now, Yeola produces the majority of  Bridal Paithani silk sarees and distributes them to the world. The Paithani saree is a precious saree classic weave of gold and silk fibre. It is a stamp of brilliant job, well-woven cloth. It is treated like a lovely precious stone, transferred from generation to generation, mothers to daughters akin precious antique amid weddings and conventions.

Its unique feature is that it is readily accessible in both six as well as nine yards. The engrossing part exists that it looks the same on both sides having the same design inclusive of the border and pallu. Thus, being a significant characteristic of the Bridal Paithani silk saree.