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History Of Mulmul Cotton Sarees , molmol sarees, malmal cotton sarees and malmal saree

People keep valuing mulmul sarees. People love this lovely song released in 1949. This song has a soft red material flying away in the wind. Thus, giving the muslin a romantic beginning. Mulmul is the right choice if any material deserves to be everlasting because of its great roots. It was not so readily available at that time as it is today. Thus, catering to the noble and wealthy. It is stylish. Therefore, people currently love it in nearly all parts of the country.

 mul mul cotton sarees fabric Origin

Muslin is a soft weave of cotton made by Bengali weavers. Also, the material was not readily available in Europe almost a thousand years ago. Mulmul is referred to by a few ancient Greek and Roman writers in their works. It was sold in Europe by the 17th century and was one of the beloved imports of India. Subsequently, England and Scotland began the production of Mulmul or muslin. This region of Europe is where the supply started to other European nations. 

Muslin derives its name from the city ‘Mosul‘ in Iraq. It has its origins in Dhakeshwari or Dhaka in Bangladesh, then part of India. The fabric is known as Daka here. The Bengalis operated to business across the Muslim-dominated countries, causing it to be famous in the Arab world. Under the Mughal rule, Bengal became the largest exporter of high-quality malmal. Similarly, Dhaka evolved as the capital of the worldwide Mulmul business.

Malmal saree Setback and Return

The Mulmul saree fabric or Muslin fabric is weightless and light, known to many as a novelty tissue or the woven breeze. In comparison, the business of Mulmul grew under the Mughal rule while stopping destructively under the Britishers. The fabric is manufactured in factories, and imported is no match to the handwoven material in India. They wanted to erase the knowledge and production of Mulmul by rounding up the weavers and cutting off their thumbs. The output of this finely woven fabric suffered hugely for about two hundred years during their reign. Many restoration efforts in Bangladesh are making this fabric popular again.

Nowadays, Mulmul is readily available and can be purchased reasonably. It is a very lightweight, super smooth, and breathable cotton material. It is perfect for summer and extreme Indian summers. Therefore, People prefer it in warmer places as it readily soaks moistness and keeps the wearer relaxed. In addition, the benefits of this fabric are that it can be effortlessly coloured or dyed and smoother with every wash. Thus, these qualities have made people choose this wonderful fabric to add to their fashion collections.

Adding Style to  Mulmul Cotton Sarees

During the summer season, ladies are often in search of cosy clothing. And what can be better to sport in summer than the printed mulmul cotton sarees? These cotton sarees are rescuers for all the women, be they working ones or homemakers. Many of us avoid putting on the light cotton saree. We have this illusion that one cannot look pleasing in a cotton saree, which is not correct. Thus, we are giving a few recommendations on looking stylish in cotton sarees.

Embellish with complementing jewellery on malmal sarees

To provide a class twist to your dull, boring malamal cotton sarees, you can count on adding a piece of funky jewellery. Putting on pop-coloured bangles and neckpieces help build a modern trendy look for yourself in malmal sarees.

Modern Dapper Blouses on molmol cotton saree

You can efficiently complete your basic molmol cotton saree to look attractive. Thus, by pairing them with fashionable, trendy blouses. Of late, numerous ladies are starting to put on cotton sarees with ethnic stylish tops, t-shirts, boat neck blouses. Therefore, delivering an entirely new makeover to the cotton sarees.

Insert a Stylish Jacket on top of molmol saree

While wearing a plain cotton molmol saree, add a little zing to your simple cotton saree. Ladies can achieve this by putting on a stylish ladies jacket. Most women choose a brief size jacket or a long measurement coat. Thus, adding a savvy look while wearing a cotton saree.

Apply Cosmetics and do proper makeup with malmal cotton saree

To acquire a fashionable look wearing a malmal cotton saree, you must do the makeup properly. Use a nice black eyeliner to make a winged liner look and count a piece of kajal in the base water lashes. Touch and finish the look. You can sport statement earrings and gloss like a princess in representations of jewellery.

Why are Mulmul Cotton Sarees great for all seasons and occasions?

Mulmul is also a delicate cotton textile, a little weightier than the gossamer-thin muslin. The universe of mulmul sarees is like that gushy silky cosy tee-shirt one must have had for years. Therefore, making Mulmul hassle-free and straightforward. Women love Mulmul because their hand block printed designs use organic colourants and classic methods.

Mulmul Cotton Sarees are ideal for beginning one’s journey into the saree world. Suppose one is occupied and can’t be concerned with weighty sarees needing a lot of safety pins and hooks. Thus, the malmal saree is a great choice.

Here is a list of why mulmul cotton sarees are loved and enjoyed draping regularly:

  • These soft mulmul sarees need hardly any care. Therefore, feel free to toss them in the washing machine. Also, they don’t need ironing after washing, getting more suitable with each wear.
  • This Cotton fabric is ideal for summer and is great to travel in. But honestly, if put on with the right kind of additions, blouse and jacket, it could be a show stopper for winter. 
  • It is effortless to drape these cotton mulmul sarees. It can be experimented upon and make the most jumbled frills look stunning.
  • Many standard block-printing methods use natural paints to dye the textile. Hence, making it more suitable for skin.
  • Mulmul cotton sarees arrive in mixed multicolour and lucid tints, appealing to individuals with various colour sensibilities.
  • This lovely soft cotton mulmul saree is excellent for going to work, parties, or special gatherings. This saree goes well with both gold and silver jewellery.
  • These soft sarees are readily obtainable in most Indian ethnic fashion stores or boutiques.
  • Depending on the share of labour put, these fabrics come in various price ranges favouring the middle-class and wealthy gentlepersons who prefer highly reputed designers.
  • They arrive in a massive mixture of designs and imprints from lines, bars, streaks, checks, geometric or flowery to fit every design intention.


Most ladies in India believe in wearing traditionally made clothing with handcrafted natural materials. Clothing continuously weaves stories. Because of this, it feels like obtaining a piece of our rich heritage when purchased.

This mulmul saree fabric is crafty handwoven. Our craftspeople continuously put in a significant amount of work and sincerity. Who beautifies the cloth with their craftwork. It fulfils the want to wear ethnic high-grade material.